Humanity 100

Humanity 100

... our everyday heroes

In teaching our young people the essence of humanity, we must choose people who are not the everyday TV Heroes or Newspaper Front-Page Faces, but who, in their own little worlds, daily help to give true meaning to the word 'Humanity'. People that define the true meaning of humanity through their little acts of human kindness.

People who daily make little impacts; touching lives in little ways and adding smiles on faces without caring who is watching nor watching who is clapping. People, young or old, that have demonstrated that humanity lives in the hearts of anyone who cares, not about the laurels and medals, nor about loud ovations, but about the joy of being human and humane, even when no one is watching nor clapping.

This year, in celebration of the Grand Finale of the Humanity and Earth Festival 2021, we would be selecting One Hundred of these Nigerians through whom the hope of humanity lives and lives strongly. They are humanity's heroes. They are 'HUMANITY 100'. They are men and women who, through little acts of kindness to humanity and to the environment, daily birth the assurance that kindness still lives in the hearts of men.

It is our humble desire and pleasure to celebrate, in our own little special way, the little acts of kindness, to humanity and to the environment, that made our 'HUMANITY 100' Nominees, not Super-Humans, but Normal-Humans with a heart for human kindness; Kindness that have helped to make the world a better place and given someone, somewhere, a reason to go to bed each night with a smile and hope for a better tomorrow.

As young people determined to birth a new Nigeria of Humanity-Heroes and encourage a sense of true Humanity that will give the human race the hope of survival, we have set an occasion to truly celebrate our 'HUMANITY 100' at an event put together to mark the Grand Finale of the 2020 Earth and Humanity Festival.

We are driven by this one truth, that we can make the world a better place and grow humanity in the hearts of all, if we deliberately chose to celebrate those whose little acts of human kindness, done without care for applauds and rewards, are appreciated, celebrated and put forward as Top Stories, to encourage and challenge others and to teach a growing generation that one need not be a Super-Hero to give and to give meaning to humanity.

Details of the Awards Ceremony

  • Date: Sunday, November 29, 2020 (Ceremony starts by 5:00PM)
  • Venue: Main Arena, Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos

  • Award Activities

  • Performance of the Award Play ‘GOD’S LITTLE CHILDREN’
  • Music and Spoken Words Performances
  • Reading of Nominees Award Citations
  • Testimonies
  • Award Presentations
  • Other attractions

  • Table Reservations

  • Table for 2 - N35,000.00
  • Table for 3 - N45,000.00
  • Table for 4 - N55,000.00
  • Table for 5 - N100,000.00
  • Special Family Table - N150,000.00

Some other features of the Festival

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